• RapidLash Eyelash Growth Serum

    C$65.99 C$45.99

    With Over 3 bottles Million sold and awards around the globe RapidLash is a lash serum we had to add to our stock! Each Bottle comes with a grooming brush for brows and eyelashes, instructions and information.

    Rapidlash not only stands alone as a wonderful lash serum that will grow your lashes, thicken and nourish to a beautiful shine but it's a wonderful addition to other Lash Serum products when you move into the "Maintence Phase" ( 2-3 x's per week) to ensure lashes are getting all the nourishment required to remain long, but also healthy and thick. 

    Apply RapidLash once per day - morning or evening.

    When added to other lash routines, use each morning before applying make up or cremes / evenings when your not applying your other lash serum.