• Careprost Eyelash Growth Serum 1 x 3ml bottle *2 Month Supply*


    1 x 3ml ml Bottles of Careprost is a 2 month supply. Perfect "just want to try buy". 

    Just a drop in the lid, applied to your upper lash line each night for 16 weeks extends your natural growth cycle for long lashes. Note: Most clients will start to notice results in approx 4 - 8 weeks. Be patient and use nightly, Careprost really does work wonders on your lashes! 

    Current Exp Date 11/2018

    For refund / return information please review terms and conditions/how to use/shipping & payment

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      I the purchaser have taken the time to learn about Careprost, understand it is manufactured by Sunpharma and Canadian Careprost supplies Careprost for use as an eyelash growth serum.
      I the purchaser understand that if I have an adverse reaction to Careprost it is the responsibility of the purchaser to stop using the product and consult a physician.
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      I the purchaser of Careprost relinquish Canadian Careprost from any legal actions from myself, family members, and legal authorities due to any adverse side effects of using this eyelash serum.
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