We accept the fastest, most convenient, secure payment method Interact E-transfer. Never requiring our customers to enter their personal financial information in a third party link. No authorized supplier of genuine Careprost  accept Visa or Mastercard or uses PayPal services as per merchant service agreements.

          Easy Step by Step How to Complete Payment

Please note: This is not a Bill Payment. You do not set up an account.  
Canadian Customers

* Place your order, including your shipping address. 
- You'll receive your total and order # (Begins with an R )

* Log onto your online banking

* Select "Transfer" 
- note: RBC customers will instead see "Pay Bills and Transfer Funds"

* Select "Interact E-transfer"

Recipient : Add Canadian Cosmetic
* Enter Canadian Careprosts email address " team@canadiancareprost.com" 
In 'Message' or "Special Instructions enter :  name on your order
(this is only important if you send under a different name)

 Enter total of your order

* Security Question " What's my order number ?"

* Password : Use your Order number - Starts with an R (please include r - small case) Example - r123456789

**Note: if your bank does not accept your order # as password - simply follow up your Interact Send with an email to our customer care team with the correct password or make sure the "instructions / message" field includes a clear clue to the password. 

Your financial institution will advise us of your payment, never sharing any of your personal information. Our accounts team processes your order and payment, forward you your tracking # and ship the same day.

Easy, Fast, Secure.

Questions? First Time Transferring? Contact our Team - we're happy to assist.

Thank You
For trusting Canadian Cosmetic with your Careprost orders.

Order Processing Hours - Mon - Fri 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Saturdays 12 - 4 p.m.
All order's placed after hours will be processed first the following day & shipped.

We share the top selling Generic lash serums containing the same active ingredient Bimatoprost, at the same strength and effectiveness. Visa, Mastercard, Amex nor PayPal accept payment for Bimatoprost lash serums / cosmetics. In order to offer Careprost to our customers we abide by the strictest standards set out by the manufacture contract and merchant services and do not accept these forms of payments.No authorized supplier does so. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank our customers for their support, on going orders and trust. You can count on Canadian Cosmedic to always deliver great service and genuine products.